Gheek goggle covers are Straight Up Smart!


1 State-of-the-art spring clips attach and detach with ease

No more fumbling with cinched-up bag closures. The Gheek goggle cover clips easily onto your goggles, delivering hassle-free protection to goggles stored on helmets. No helmet removal necessary.


2 Protects, cleans and dries

Like your best friend, Gheek’s got your back (well, actually…your goggles). The Gheek is the ONLY goggle storage device available that shields both the inner and outer lens, while providing a means to safely clean and dry your goggles.


3 Minimalist design stashes easily in your pocket

Gone are the days of rocking around with colossal hard cases in your pack. The Gheek rolls up like a burrito and fits tight into pockets for on-the-go protection.